• Creative joy

    Broken toys

    My son left home for six months  in September last year and I (finally!) found time to develop a hobby. Okay, I write this blog as a hobby, but I also started having weekly guitar lessons. I’ve been playing guitar since I was teenager and I’m mostly self taught, so it has been great to learn how to play properly. I also did a creative writing course last year. And at the same time I went through (another) break-up and rediscovered Radiohead. I wrote this song at the end of last year, inspired by broken love, Fake Plastic Trees, Tinder and stuff that went viral on the Internet. It’s the first song…

  • Peta Goodwin playing fiddle
    Creative joy

    Fiddlin’ about

    All my life (it seems) I have filled in time spent waiting – which is a LOT of time, as all women know – by imagining myself playing the violin. I have played symphonies in parked cars, concertos in dentists’ waiting rooms, the ‘Four Seasons’ in cafes (of course) and etudes lying on the beach. In my imagination I have tucked a fiddle under my chin and set feet tapping in all sorts of unlikely places. I have loved the imagined feel of the thrumming instrument on my shoulder and the sensuous glide of the bow awakening the silent strings. In 60 years I have never even got close to…