Turtle tour of the Gilis
Return to the Gilis
I visited the Gilis, three tiny islands off the west coast of Lombok in Indonesia, 24 years ago. I was 21. It was 1993, before the first resort was built…
Summer Goodwin
22 July, 2017
Summer with elephant
Eat, pray, love Bali
I visited Bali this year for the first time in two decades. I travelled with my new partner (at the time) and our four teenagers (one mine, three his). It…
Summer Goodwin
26 December, 2013
Poolside at Potato Head, Bali
My reverse bucket list
What's on your travel bucket list? Volunteering in Africa, teaching English in Prague, eating pasta in Rome? We dream of the next adventure, the next achievement, the next thing... but what…
Summer Goodwin
6 December, 2013