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    The beautiful truth of non-fiction writers

    I recently dated an author of speculative fiction. After a decade between novels, his fourth book was released while we were dating. We went through the anxious pre-release build-up, the interviews and the worry, and the post-release wait for reviews. His next book was already alive in his mind and he needed to write it down as soon as possible. It was the story he had to tell. I’m at the other end of the writing spectrum. I’ve been an author…

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    Love letters

    The Tinder Trap

    I haven’t blogged in a while – partly because I’m busy studying online, but also because I have a new distraction. Tinder is my latest social media crush. This addictive little game-changer is now the fastest-growing mobile dating app in the world. I’ve dated online before through popular websites, but never had so much fun. Sean Rad – you are a genius. A quick intro for those not yet acquainted… Tinder is based on the old-fashioned concept of meeting people in your local…