• Shoes and red dirt
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    A gift for your inner critic

    “You can’t manage this campaign! It’s too big, it’s too complex. You’re not organised enough and you certainly don’t have the authority to keep the team on track.” This was typical of the ‘supportive’ rhetoric I used to receive from someone I worked with on big projects and small. It’s not very nice is it? Nor was it helpful. Do you know who it was? Me! For most of my life I’ve done pretty well at things I’ve put my mind to (OK, horse riding, not so much). I’m not the smartest person you’ll meet, but I’m not too silly either, and with the excellent work ethic I inherited from…

  • Ita Buttrose and Summer Goodwin
    Career business

    Meeting Ita

    I met Australian icon Ita Buttrose at a public relations conference two years ago. Ita gave the closing address, ‘Does media change society or society change the media?’ During her insightful presentation, I actually felt like I was falling in love. So it is when you meet an icon. Cleo and I were born in the same year. I am one of a generation of women for whom Ita was made relevant again by the ABC mini-series Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo. As a young woman I would escape into magazines – I wanted to work for them, I wanted to write for them, I wanted to be in the pages of them.…