The Louvre, ParisSun on my Parade is a digital magazine and online community for women to share stories celebrating their second half of life.

We publish original contributions and would love to hear your story. You are welcome to republish your story wherever you wish after it has been published here. We also like to republish and share interesting stories from our authors’ websites and blogs. Email your story to us.

Story guidelines

  • Write a 400-800 word article relevant to our readers and suitable for one of our categories
  • If selected for publication, your article may be edited to ensure online-friendly content
  • A final draft will be emailed to you for approval prior to publication
  • You can submit a piece of any length for our creative joy section

Your profile

  • Write a 50-word author’s profile to promote your personal brand
  • You can include a link to your website and social media handles you would like to promote
  • Alternatively, please let us know if you would prefer to remain anonymous

Your images

  • Include an image that you own or have permission to publish to complement your story
  • Include an image of yourself to complement your author’s profile

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