• The British Library
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    The London experience

    I never dreamed I would ever go to London to receive a book award. It was quite a shock to see my name included in the list of winners on the London Book Festival website. In fact, I checked the list several times to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake – and even showed it to my daughter and husband to verify that I wasn’t imagining it! After all, this was the first book I had written and it…

  • Summer Goodwin
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    One day at a time

    I just read the brilliant article Russell Brand: my life without drugs and, in memory of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, I feel inspired to share my story. “Drugs and alcohol are not my problem, reality is my problem, drugs and alcohol are my solution,” Brand writes. This is also my truth. I have not picked up a drink, one day at a time, since 3 June 2007. I am aware of the risks in telling my story. I may be…

  • Summer Goodwin with new home
    Home delights

    Sisters are doin’ it for themselves

    My mum Peta Goodwin is a phenomenal role model. She dances to the tune of the 1985 feminist anthem by Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox. This is a thank you note to her. Mum was 19-years-old when she had me. She went straight back to full-time work (sole parent pension didn’t exist in 1972) and never received financial support from my father. We moved from New Zealand to Australia in 1975 and joined the hippie movement. Moving to a new…

  • Summer Goodwin in Cue outfit
    Style bliss

    Cue, I still heart Veronika

    I love Australian label Veronika Maine. Ever since I found the perfect black pencil skirt there last year, the mature sister of Cue has been my go-to for work wear. But lately, Cue has been catching my eye too. This may be due to its half-price sale this month (ahem). For the record, I consider it healthy self-care to invest in office clothes. I figure I spend at least 40 hours there every week, so it’s worth wearing clothes I feel good in.  I’ll confess, I’ve always been a…

  • Holiday reading
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    What’s your theme for 2014?

    I love Twitter. I get so many ideas, insights and inspiration from the people I follow. I met @trevoryoung back in 2008 and he has since become both a mentor and a friend. Trevor posted his three words for the year, and a theme, over on his PR Warrior blog this week. I’m poaching the idea to share here. My theme for the year is: Learning I’m undertaking a postgraduate course this year. It’s a six-month Diploma in Digital Marketing starting in March. It…