• Creative joy

    The waiting game

    Waiting. For an answer. Yes or no. When all I have is maybe. Maybe. The most uncertain word ever to exist. My heart stands still while time beats on. It is still with you. Waiting for a moment in time. The moment where it will be set free. To love or to let go. The answer is not clear. It waits patiently. Thoughts and feelings come like waves, changing in constant motion. Crash, calm, repeat. All that is certain has been…

  • Jeannette Button
    Career business

    Thrown in the deep end

    Recent employment circumstances have forced me to make some hard and fast decisions. Ok by “employment circumstances” I mean redundancy. Yes it happens, it has happened before and all I did was work harder to prove that they couldn’t do without me. This time it’s different. I’m comfortable, I have mortgages, teenagers doing the important years at school. I’m older. Am I special? No. Just forced to asked myself “what are you going to do now?” Within a week of…

  • Summer Goodwin image on Tinder
    Love letters

    The Tinder Trap

    I haven’t blogged in a while – partly because I’m busy studying online, but also because I have a new distraction. Tinder is my latest social media crush. This addictive little game-changer is now the fastest-growing mobile dating app in the world. I’ve dated online before through popular websites, but never had so much fun. Sean Rad – you are a genius. A quick intro for those not yet acquainted… Tinder is based on the old-fashioned concept of meeting people in your local…

  • Creative joy

    Painting class

    “Let’s paint!” he says, flexing fingers that know paintbrushes I can tell, as his shirt knows paint (Are we going to get dirty?) the class leaps up – limber bare-bellied girls and a trio of tatty superior blokes – my friend and I too organise easels, brushes, squeeze out small neat turds of thick glistening gloop onto ice-cream lids – red yellow blue white black (Are they the only colours we get?) crisp new white paper covers last term’s spilt…

  • Sculpture of Socrates
    Soul food

    Why reflect on the past?

    “The unreflected life is not worth living.” ~ Socrates I have come across this quote a number of times lately, causing me to reflect further on the statement itself. This quote of Socrates was first presented to me many years ago by an affirming mentor when I was going through significant change in my internal world. I was questioning myself in so many ways: my beliefs, my actions and my position and purpose in the world. At the time, the…