• Love letters

    Six annoying things single women are told

    I’ve been single for most of the last 20 years. During that time I’ve raised a baby boy into a good man, moved interstate twice, travelled to Europe twice, bought two homes and built a successful career. I’ve had two long-term partnerships during my son’s life – three years with my husband and then, a decade later, a fiancé for four years. There have been, of course, many short-lived love affairs over the years ranging from three weeks to 12 months. Some took barely a cup of tea with a friend to get over, others took months of therapy to understand (yes, Mr Narcissist, I’m looking at you). Maybe it’s…

  • Soul food

    The year that was

    If I had to choose one word to sum up this year, it would be change. It’s been a huge year of transformation and growth. I like to do these reflective posts because they show me how far I have come, but they also keep me accountable moving forward. So, here’s my 2014… My son turned 18. My journey of motherhood is now, to a degree, finished. Of course I’m still a mother and always will be, but the child rearing years are over. My son is a mature, gentle and kind man. I’ve done well. My feelings about this transition are a melting pot of happiness, relief, sadness, pride, liberation, tiredness,…

  • Jeannette Button at the launch of PRButton
    Career business

    Not drowning – waving!

    I recently told you about the exciting and scary journey I was about to embark on in starting my own business. Four months on I can confirm I have taken the plunge and, while still in its infancy, PR Button is now one month old. I have an office (this meant moving the husband out of the study), a brand, a website and – most importantly – clients. I am still trying to piece together some of the aspects of running a small business – suddenly I’m also accounts, IT and cleaning – and while there are days when I think stacking shelves at Bunnings could be good, I have also…

  • Love letters

    Dating in the dark

    What are your aspirations in a boyfriend?  That was the question posed to me last night by my favourite Tinder guy. What a great question! Tick. For the past decade, my answer has always been the same. A serious, loving, committed, long-term partnership. Marriage? Yes. Buy property together? Yes. Have more children? Yes, I’m open to the idea. I was so clear about what I wanted. I was a single mum for 10 years and I yearned for a partnership while my son was growing up, no question. But when I was asked last night, I realised something has changed. Somewhere between a broken engagement two years ago, two bad…

  • Soul food

    Shocked into writing

    The world events of the past week or so have spurred me back into writing. For some months, domestic affairs had focused my attention in other ways, but it’s now time to come out of writer’s hibernation. Who can remain unaffected by the shooting down of the passenger aircraft MH17, carrying citizens of so many countries, and the rising intensity of unrest and casualties in Gaza? It may be that we have become somewhat desensitised with the conflict in Gaza, with the Israel / Palestine conflict being centuries old, but the number of lives recently being lost on a daily basis is both shocking and devastating. However, the shooting of…

  • Creative joy

    The waiting game

    Waiting. For an answer. Yes or no. When all I have is maybe. Maybe. The most uncertain word ever to exist. My heart stands still while time beats on. It is still with you. Waiting for a moment in time. The moment where it will be set free. To love or to let go. The answer is not clear. It waits patiently. Thoughts and feelings come like waves, changing in constant motion. Crash, calm, repeat. All that is certain has been swept away. Abstract shapes on the sand remain. Changing with each moment. Time moves on but time stands still. I stand silent on the shore. Waiting for you.