What taking a selfie every day taught me
It's 15 days into my #livingthegreen challenge and I have not bought any clothes, shoes or accessories. I did, however, buy some homewares for my bathroom, which is currently being…
Summer Goodwin
3 November, 2015
Living the green
Join the Sun on my Parade #livingthegreen 30 day challenge! I'm making a small significant change to my consumer behaviour to reduce the environmental and social impacts of my lifestyle. I'm not…
Summer Goodwin
19 October, 2015
Summer Goodwin in Cue outfit
Cue, I still heart Veronika
I love Australian label Veronika Maine. Ever since I found the perfect black pencil skirt there last year, the mature sister of Cue has been my go-to for work wear. But lately,…
Summer Goodwin
19 January, 2014
Parker Roche suede sandals
Working summer sandals
The Australian summer is now officially here - although with Melbourne's weather you never really know -  so it's time to get sandals for the office. I love new shoes.…
Summer Goodwin
3 December, 2013