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    What is the human cost of your t-shirt?

    Slavery and child labour in the fashion industry – how does it actually happen? Ethical supply chain consultant Kate Nicholl explains.  When we walk into a department store and buy a new clothing item, we know the store did not make the item. But do we question, who did actually make it? When we buy clothing from a reputable brand and it is expensive, we make an assumption that it must have been made to a high quality in a high-end garment factory. But how do we know? When we buy something and it is a real bargain, do you ever wonder how the brand managed to produce it so cheaply? What is…

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    What taking a selfie every day taught me

    It’s 15 days into my #livingthegreen challenge and I have not bought any clothes, shoes or accessories. I did, however, buy some homewares for my bathroom, which is currently being renovated. That’s permissible! Taking a photo of myself every day for the past 12 days has been interesting. It’s far more narcissistic than my personality type, but it has been empowering to make myself so visible. They aren’t actually selfies, a kind (and very talented) work colleague has taken most of the images. Somehow she made me look like a model in a couple of them! Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way… It hasn’t been hard to stop…

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    Living the green

    Join the Sun on my Parade #livingthegreen 30 day challenge! I’m making a small significant change to my consumer behaviour to reduce the environmental and social impacts of my lifestyle. I’m not buying any new clothes, accessories or shoes for a month. Quite simply, I don’t want to support slavery. According to this article, Top fashion labels ranked on use of slavery, most of my favourite labels (Country Road, Veronika Maine, Cue and Witchery) have a B+ rank. I hope they improve. I have a few Saba pieces, which has a horrifying D- rank. I’m now boycotting that brand. Pleasantly surprised to see H&M and Zara have an A- rank. I work in…

  • Summer Goodwin in Cue outfit
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    Cue, I still heart Veronika

    I love Australian label Veronika Maine. Ever since I found the perfect black pencil skirt there last year, the mature sister of Cue has been my go-to for work wear. But lately, Cue has been catching my eye too. This may be due to its half-price sale this month (ahem). For the record, I consider it healthy self-care to invest in office clothes. I figure I spend at least 40 hours there every week, so it’s worth wearing clothes I feel good in.  I’ll confess, I’ve always been a bit obsessed with clothes. And shoes. Perfume too. (Modern Muse by Estee Lauder is my signature day scent this year). To be honest, I have this style section mostly so…

  • Parker Roche suede sandals
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    Working summer sandals

    The Australian summer is now officially here – although with Melbourne’s weather you never really know –  so it’s time to get sandals for the office. I love new shoes. They make me happy. I usually wear wedges because you get both height and comfort. I don’t like stilettos – the heels tend to get caught in city pavements and they are simply too uncomfortable for me. I’m not Carrie Bradshaw. But I was looking to branch out a little from my usual style. Shoes this season are 70’s-inspired (again) and many remind me of school shoes I wore in the 80s. At 20, they mostly look cute. At 40, they…