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    What’s your theme for 2014?

    I love Twitter. I get so many ideas, insights and inspiration from the people I follow. I met @trevoryoung back in 2008 and he has since become both a mentor and a friend. Trevor posted his three words for the year, and a theme, over on his PR Warrior blog this week. I’m poaching the idea to share here. My theme for the year is: Learning I’m undertaking a postgraduate course this year. It’s a six-month Diploma in Digital Marketing starting in March. It took seven years to complete my degree and it’s taken me this long – nine years – to consider doing formal study again! I’ve completed short courses over the years,…

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    Reflections on 2013

    It’s New Year’s Eve and it has been a huge year! There is a new moon in Capricorn on 1 January 2014 (my moon sign) which is a powerful start to the year. I’m feeling reflective, as you probably are too, so let’s share highlights from the year that was… I conquered my fear of public speaking. I was a keynote presenter at the Social Media Marketing in Tertiary Education Conference in Sydney. It was a tough gig – I was the final speaker on the final day. I was so nervous in the lead-up. But when I got on stage, I actually enjoyed it. I received great feedback about my presentation, ‘Managing…

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    Embracing an imperfect life

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” ~ Marianne Williamson It’s hard being a perfectionist. My son got his ATAR result today, which was amazing, and was offered a scholarship at one of Australia’s most prestigious universities. I am as proud as punch. He is disappointed. Why? Because his score wasn’t perfect. Even though it was brilliant, it wasn’t enough. His perception got me thinking about my pursuit of perfection. I was at university part-time for seven years and consistently achieved High Distinction and Distinction grades. But I received one…

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    The gifts of giving blood

    Yesterday, I was turned down by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service when I tried to make a donation. Since my last donation, I haven’t been to North Queensland or anywhere in Asia, or had intercourse with a sex worker, or gotten a new tattoo, or had man-to-man sex, or used intravenous drugs. I don’t do a lot of charitable work in my community, but the one thing I make sure I do semi-regularly is donate blood. I like the thought of my blood saving someone’s life. It’s like I saved them myself. If it wasn’t for my blood, what would happen? If there was a global catastrophe and blood supplies…

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    Be your own wellness coach

    As we mature we figure out for ourselves what works for us and what doesn’t. We also have some deeply ingrained habits that may or may not be helpful to our health and wellbeing. Swamped by advice, it can be tempting to read but not to change our lifestyle. So do we need wellness coaching? What exactly is it anyway? While there are diverse levels of qualifications among those calling themselves a ‘wellness coach’, it is a legitimate, evidence-based health profession. There are face-to-face and online training programs, certifications and a professional body. The aims of coaching are noble – to energise and empower clients to master their own health…