Stage of divine discontent
Stage four feels like a six-week jail term. I had travelled reasonably well, global pandemic and all, in stage three. I had stayed somewhat sane and healthy and productive. My…
Summer Goodwin
10 August, 2020
Empty nest, empty heart
I am broken. The sea of grief is so unexpected, so engulfing, so deep. A black cloud has hung over my head, resting on my shoulders like a heavy wet…
Summer Goodwin
25 September, 2015
Dating in the dark
What are your aspirations in a boyfriend?  That was the question posed to me last night by my favourite Tinder guy. What a great question! Tick. For the past decade,…
Summer Goodwin
9 August, 2014
Summer Goodwin image on Tinder
The Tinder Trap
I haven't blogged in a while - partly because I'm busy studying online, but also because I have a new distraction. Tinder is my latest social media crush. This addictive…
Summer Goodwin
23 April, 2014
Death lillies
Life and death for Chicken Little
I am the youngest (by many years) in a family of five children. Mum was 42-years-old when she had me, a baby that was never planned but couldn't be helped.…
11 December, 2013