Paris at night
With love and forgiveness
Forgive me if I fail to do our story justice, if I stumble and fall. It is difficult to speak of you without tears. How can I ever forget your…
Summer Goodwin
11 April, 2017
Broken toys
My son left home for six months ย in September last year and I (finally!) found time to develop a hobby. Okay, I write this blog as a hobby, but I…
Summer Goodwin
20 February, 2016
The waiting game
Waiting. For an answer. Yes or no. When all I have is maybe. Maybe. The most uncertain word ever to exist. My heart stands still while time beats on. It…
Summer Goodwin
28 May, 2014
Painting class
"Letโ€™s paint!" he says, flexing fingers that know paintbrushes I can tell, as his shirt knows paint (Are we going to get dirty?) the class leaps up - limber bare-bellied…
Peta Goodwin
11 March, 2014
Peta Goodwin playing fiddle
Fiddlin’ about
All my life (it seems) I have filled in time spent waiting - which is a LOT of time, as all women know - by imagining myself playing the violin.…
Peta Goodwin
4 January, 2014