• Summer Goodwin with Aboriginal children
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    Welcome to Sun on my Parade

    “Even though you get a little twinge every now and again with the years marching on and become aware of your own mortality, you realise you’re only limited by your imagination.” ~ Ita Buttrose Welcome to Sun on my Parade – a digital magazine and online community of women celebrating the second half of life. I’ve wanted to create this website for several years now. Mum and I brainstormed names for the venture (thanks Mum!) this time last year. But it wasn’t until last month, when my son finished 13 years of school, that I decided it was time! It’s too easy to find reasons not to start a new project –…

  • Ita Buttrose and Summer Goodwin
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    Meeting Ita

    I met Australian icon Ita Buttrose at a public relations conference two years ago. Ita gave the closing address, ‘Does media change society or society change the media?’ During her insightful presentation, I actually felt like I was falling in love. So it is when you meet an icon. Cleo and I were born in the same year. I am one of a generation of women for whom Ita was made relevant again by the ABC mini-series Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo. As a young woman I would escape into magazines – I wanted to work for them, I wanted to write for them, I wanted to be in the pages of them.…