The beautiful truth of non-fiction writers
I recently dated an author of speculative fiction. After a decade between novels, his fourth book was released while we were dating. We went through the anxious pre-release build-up, the interviews…
Summer Goodwin
7 May, 2016
Jeannette Button at the launch of PRButton
Not drowning – waving!
I recently told you about the exciting and scary journey I was about to embark on in starting my own business. Four months on I can confirm I have taken the…
Jeannette Button
31 August, 2014
Jeannette Button
Thrown in the deep end
Recent employment circumstances have forced me to make some hard and fast decisions. Ok by "employment circumstances" I mean redundancy. Yes it happens, it has happened before and all I…
Jeannette Button
26 April, 2014
The British Library
The London experience
I never dreamed I would ever go to London to receive a book award. It was quite a shock to see my name included in the list of winners on…
Margaret Lambert
25 February, 2014
Shoes and red dirt
A gift for your inner critic
"You can’t manage this campaign! It’s too big, it’s too complex. You’re not organised enough and you certainly don’t have the authority to keep the team on track." This was…
Kellie Willis
25 December, 2013