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  • Jeannette Button at the launch of PRButton
    Career business

    Not drowning – waving!

    I recently told you about the exciting and scary journey I was about to embark on in starting my own business. Four months on I can confirm I have taken the plunge and, while still in its infancy, PR Button is now one month old. I have an office (this meant moving the husband out of the study), a brand, a website and – most importantly – clients. I am still trying to piece together some of the aspects of running a small business – suddenly I’m also accounts, IT and cleaning – and while there are days when I think stacking shelves at Bunnings could be good, I have also…

  • Jeannette Button
    Career business

    Thrown in the deep end

    Recent employment circumstances have forced me to make some hard and fast decisions. Ok by “employment circumstances” I mean redundancy. Yes it happens, it has happened before and all I did was work harder to prove that they couldn’t do without me. This time it’s different. I’m comfortable, I have mortgages, teenagers doing the important years at school. I’m older. Am I special? No. Just forced to asked myself “what are you going to do now?” Within a week of learning that my comfortable salary, car, paid holidays and city office would be no more, I decided to go out on my own. And now I have two months to…

  • The British Library
    Career business

    The London experience

    I never dreamed I would ever go to London to receive a book award. It was quite a shock to see my name included in the list of winners on the London Book Festival website. In fact, I checked the list several times to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake – and even showed it to my daughter and husband to verify that I wasn’t imagining it! After all, this was the first book I had written and it had taken me 10 years to complete. I imagined there were well-established authors from all over the world who had submitted their books and so it would be difficult –…

  • Shoes and red dirt
    Career business

    A gift for your inner critic

    “You can’t manage this campaign! It’s too big, it’s too complex. You’re not organised enough and you certainly don’t have the authority to keep the team on track.” This was typical of the ‘supportive’ rhetoric I used to receive from someone I worked with on big projects and small. It’s not very nice is it? Nor was it helpful. Do you know who it was? Me! For most of my life I’ve done pretty well at things I’ve put my mind to (OK, horse riding, not so much). I’m not the smartest person you’ll meet, but I’m not too silly either, and with the excellent work ethic I inherited from…