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    Shocked into writing

    The world events of the past week or so have spurred me back into writing. For some months, domestic affairs had focused my attention in other ways, but itโ€™s now time to come out of writerโ€™s hibernation. Who can remain unaffected by the shooting down of the passenger aircraft MH17, carrying citizens of so many countries, and the rising intensity of unrest and casualties in Gaza? It may be that we have become somewhat desensitised with the conflict in Gaza, with the Israel / Palestine conflict being centuries old, but the number of lives recently being lost on a daily basis is both shocking and devastating. However, the shooting of…

  • Sculpture of Socrates
    Soul food

    Why reflect on the past?

    “The unreflected life is not worth living.” ~ Socrates I have come across this quote a number of times lately, causing me to reflect further on the statement itself. This quote of Socrates was first presented to me many years ago by an affirming mentor when I was going through significant change in my internal world. I was questioning myself in so many ways: my beliefs, my actions and my position and purpose in the world. At the time, the statement helped to validate the reflective turmoil I was experiencing, and over time I have come to appreciate the great wisdom of Socrates. What exactly is the wisdom embedded in…

  • The British Library
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    The London experience

    I never dreamed I would ever go to London to receive a book award. It was quite a shock to see my name included in the list of winners on the London Book Festival website. In fact, I checked the list several times to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake – and even showed it to my daughter and husband to verify that I wasn’t imagining it! After all, this was the first book I had written and it had taken me 10 years to complete. I imagined there were well-established authors from all over the world who had submitted their books and so it would be difficult –…