• Jeannette Button at the launch of PRButton
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    Not drowning โ€“ waving!

    I recently told you about the exciting and scary journey I was about to embark on inย starting my own business. Four months on I can confirm I have taken the plunge and, while still in its infancy, PR Button is now one month old. I have an office (this meant moving the husband out of the study), a brand, a website and – most importantly – clients. I am still trying to piece together some of the aspects of running a small business – suddenly I’m also accounts, IT and cleaning – and while there are days when I think stacking shelves at Bunnings could be good, I have also…

  • Jeannette Button
    Career business

    Thrown in the deep end

    Recent employment circumstances have forced me to make some hard and fast decisions. Ok by “employment circumstances” I mean redundancy. Yes it happens, it has happened before and all I did was work harder to prove that they couldn’t do without me. This time itโ€™s different. I’m comfortable, I have mortgages, teenagers doing the important years at school. I’m older. Am I special? No. Just forced to asked myself “what are you going to do now?” Within a week of learning that my comfortable salary, car, paid holidays and city office would be no more, I decided to go out on my own. And now I have two months to…