Paris at night
Creative joy

With love and forgiveness

Forgive me if I fail to do our story justice, if I stumble and fall.

It is difficult to speak of you without tears.

How can I ever forget your pain?

Now we only meet in dreams, on a bed of stars, where anything is possible.

And we talk. You sing me your sorrow, show me your shame.

We are perfectly broken. Were we one and the same?

Forgive me, my human frailty, my childish whims.

We did our best. If we could have done better, we would have, you know.

Forgive my heart for wanting more. But this space you will occupy, even after death.

For as the wind whispers winter, I hear your laugh.

Your smile, the scent of you, wrapped in a scarf.

As the city buildings blacken at dusk, your heels on the pavement.

The swirl of your coat. All the trickery and finery.

I will not look into your eyes again.

You will slowly fade into the night sky.

But my heart will not forget. It will search the stars for you.

And our souls will meet in the spaces between,

to speak of love, and poetry,

And forgiveness.


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