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Join the Sun on my Parade #livingthegreen 30 day challenge! I’m making a small significant change to my consumer behaviour to reduce the environmental and social impacts of my lifestyle. I’m not buying any new clothes, accessories or shoes for a month.

Quite simply, I don’t want to support slavery. According to this article, Top fashion labels ranked on use of slavery, most of my favourite labels (Country Road, Veronika Maine, Cue and Witchery) have a B+ rank. I hope they improve. I have a few Saba pieces, which has a horrifying D- rank. I’m now boycotting that brand. Pleasantly surprised to see H&M and Zara have an A- rank.

I work in Melbourne CBD and it’s spring, so new season arrivals are everywhere. It’s going to be very tempting to buy a little something! But I’m committed to living the green for the next 30 days and making a small difference. I’d love you to join me.

The challenge: You don’t buy any new clothes for 30 days. The goal is to recycle items you already own. Bonus points for wearing pieces that you rarely or never wear.

The rule: You can wear the same item twice, but you can’t wear the same outfit twice. Get creative and mix it up!

I’ll share my outfit every day via @sunonmyparade. Please share your outfits with #livingthegreen. You can see all my #livingthegreen outfits on Instagram.

Day 1: Cue pants from 2010, Veronika Maine belt from 2013, Mimco watch, Sunny Girl top bought on the weekend and Wittner sandals from last season.


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