Parker Roche suede sandals
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Working summer sandals

The Australian summer is now officially here – although with Melbourne’s weather you never really know –  so it’s time to get sandals for the office. I love new shoes. They make me happy. I usually wear wedges because you get both height and comfort. I don’t like stilettos – the heels tend to get caught in city pavements and they are simply too uncomfortable for me. I’m not Carrie Bradshaw. But I was looking to branch out a little from my usual style.

Shoes this season are 70’s-inspired (again) and many remind me of school shoes I wore in the 80s. At 20, they mostly look cute. At 40, they just look frumpy. I would much prefer to look elegant, thank you.

Today I found the perfect summer work sandal. The block heel is classic but the overall look is modern. The heel is low and they are very comfortable. I love the ankle strap, the black suede, and the open toe will be cool in summer. They will work well for the office and go with everything. Now I just need the sun to come back…

Purchase these sandals online: Parker Roche Liza black – $165.00 from Zomp

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